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Our school is made up of four areas which are associated with  a name and colour. The learning environment of each area also reflects  these colours on their focus walls and their furnishings.

Part of our role at South End is to prepare our children for the world we live in. More and more change and being able to cope with change plays such a main part of the lives we lead. Our children need to be adaptable and be able to mix with so many different people. One way in which we help them to do this is to encourage lots of group work across the year group each year. This is managed by our class teachers and they ensure there remains a good mix of gender, ability and friendships in the class settings.

We have a very flexible approach to class teaching on a daily basis. Our key aim is to ensure children access the pitch perfect teaching they need at that time. We are very lucky in the fact we have three classes in each year group. This means children may move between maths and literacy groupings during the term. Class teachers will make these decisions as and when is required using their own professional judgement. We promote team teaching between our colleagues so children will develop their flexibility and skills in dealing with change as it will be very much part of their time at South End.

We are proud that feedback from our Secondary colleagues always praises our South End children when adapting to life in the secondary setting!

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