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Year 6

The Year 6 team consists of three teachers :

  • Mrs Roberts
  • Miss Watt
  • Mr Carter

They are assisted by Mrs Fowler, Mrs Ebb, Miss Dean, Mrs Carter and Miss White. Mrs Roberts leads the Year 5 team.

When moving into Year 6, the children are entering their last year in South End Junior’s ‘Upper Hub’ and are expected to be the ultimate role models for the rest of the school. It is our aim to equip the children with tools to further develop their independence as learners as well as prepare them for their transition to secondary school. As a year team, we endeavour to do this by providing exciting learning opportunities and having high expectations of the children in terms of behaviour, attitudes and learning. Our experience strongly suggests that pupils who are hardworking, determined and positive are always successful. This means we will push each and every one of our children to be the best version of themselves, but in return, each and every member of the team will work above and beyond to help them succeed.

Please click here to view the Year 6 curriculum overview.

Year 6 curriculum updates



Project 1 information: Blood Heart

Click here to view the intended learning journey of our Blood Heart project.

Click here to view the knowledge organiser for our Blood Heart project. 



I know a lot more about blood and blood types and lots more about the heart. The different blood types are named with letters like A, B and O.

Year 6 pupil  

I know about the circulatory system and its uses in the body. I found that the system includes the heart, the lungs, blood and blood vessels. I found the blood vessels are called Arteries (that carry oxygenated blood back to the heart) and Veins ( that carry the de-oxygenated blood back to the heart) and Capillaries (that allow food to travel in and out of blood).

Year 6 pupil  

I got to dissect a heart. I never thought I would be able to and it was exciting. Also, I know now that William Harvey discovered the circulatory system.

Year 6 pupil  

Project 2 information: Britain at War

Click here to view the intended learning journey of our Britain at War project.

Click here to view the knowledge organiser for our Britain at War project. 

Click here to view the knowledge organiser for our science unit about ‘Electricity’. 

Memorable experience: History Off A Page visitor

If children did something wrong at school in the 1940s, they would have been caned or even have had their mouth washed out with soap! Lives of children were difficult in all countries involved - we learnt about the childhood of Anne Frank too.

Year 6 pupil

I learnt so much during this project about both WWI and WWII such as: Adolf Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles and invaded Poland and this caused a problem because Britain and Poland were close; all about the Dambuster's raid; and that they used bouncing bombs to hit a target across water.

Year 6 pupil

During this project, I learnt a lot about D-Day and how the Allied armies tricked the Germans into going to another beach and then reaching success. I loved learning how to sew the 'make do and mend' bunting on D&T lessons.

Year 6 pupil

Project 3 information: Frozen Kingdoms

Coming in January...

Project 4 information: Darwin’s Delights

Coming in June…